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The Right thing

Life is always simpler if we do instead of trying.
Because trying isn't a solution to a problem or to a wrong situation.

What we'll do today will definitely affect our tomorrow.
So do the right thing in an easy way and then everything will be great.

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Quote Zero Zero Two :)

If You are facing problem in Your Life than it's not your fault.
But if you are not doing something to defeat the problem, then the Fault is yours.
Vishvendra Singh Nathawat

Quote of the day

Zero Zero One :)

=>Thinking of future made our present. And working in present makes our future. But the way we think and work for future and Present matters most.
Everything depends on our thoughts & deeds Bad ones or Good ones. :) :( 
--Vishvendra Singh Nathawat

Untold Secrets

The Thunderbolt Goes From here 👇🏻

Alfred Riston is a twenty-two-year-old college student who is heartbroken by his mother’s abandonment of her family. As he attempts to grapple with his pain, he begins experiencing strange visions and hearing a voice that seems to come from nowhere. There is no question that an unseen force is attempting to make contact with Alfred. Now all he has to do is
determine who or what it is.
After he and his best friend, Khushahal, decide to investigate the weird comings-and-goings surrounding his old family home, they unwittingly confront hostile guards who seem to be protecting some sort of bizarre chemical experiment. But when he contacts his father to ask him what he knows, he has quickly pushed away without explanation. Now as a series of bizarre clues are slowly unveiled, Alfred embarks on a journey into the past where he learns the truth about his birth that will change everything, not just for him, but for the infinity world. 
In this gripping fant…

Never Stop Keep Doing

Two lines came in my mind 👇🏻

"If a thought remains a thought then it will become trash.
"If a thought turns into a work and no longer belongs to mind only, then it will succeed."

That's why people say "stop thinking, start doing".
So Never stop doing what are doing because one day result will be in your favor.

#Keepdoing 🌝🌚

PS : Nothing against the law